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Well, I'm home. And I couldn't be any happier, I knew that this was the best move for me and Ian and I have absolutely no regrets.



Well....moving in 16 days. So nervous, yet so excited. Second chance at being happy is how I look at it. Never thought this would happen but...

....here's to my new beginning
goodbye michigan.

time to be a southern girl for the rest of my life =)


Stupid girl.

My negativity has, I bet, fucked yet another thing up. Why can't I learn. Maybe I just try too hard to find love. He was, and is, someone very amazing. oh well. maybe im just not allowed to be loved. Karma...you are indeed a bitch

oh man...

I'm starting to open my heart again.

And it's starting to go down south to Alabama.



I have openings available for some parties for the month of March, and if you place an order between now and march 6, there's free shipping and handling :)

Call me if you would like to place an order or book a party



Got a new job.

Accounting Assistant :)

And I can log onto MSN messenger again...lol.

The rise and fall.

So laying in bed has had me doing a lot of thinking. Or maybe it's from watching Sons of Anarchy that's got me thinking. Either way, I'm laying in bed and thinking.

I'm 22 years old. I own my own house, own my car, have a job, graduating college next year, and have a very handsome 2 year old boy who has made my life complete. But somewhere, something has me missing something. I never thought I'd be where I am. I'm relatively proud of myself, and everything I've so far accomplished.

As much as I hate him, me and Derek are trying to be on relatively friendly terms. And no, not planning on dating him. However, I'm helping him and his friends with the Michigan Ghostbusters. Basically, dress up and do charity events. I'll be the Janine of the group, and I'm actually hoping it goes somewhere. Nerdy, sure. But it's for a good cause.

My new laptop I love, though someone hacked into my MSN account, so I can no longer log onto MSN messenger, which sucks. But at least I have yahoo and AIM.

Originally I wanted to buy my laptop from someone who I thought could use the help, but then it dawned on me that it would probably cause problems so I actually decided against it. Wow, using better judgement for a change.

I'm also becoming a sales woman. I'm hoping that it will take off very well, and be relatively successful. Alas, time will tell but I know I can stay committed to it.

Then there's the WRIF rock girl contest next year. Can't wait to see how far I can go. I think if I do my networking and everything, I may have a shot to win, we'll see. Don't want to get my hopes up.

Then there's that ghost that haunts me. Actually, it didn't even bug me until a couple weeks ago. But the ghost will go away like it always does and my mind won't think about it anymore. No use really, just ends up with me getting upset with how badly I fucked up.

With that said, I need to go to bed. Work in the morning...always fun.


No complaints.

I do need to clean today, lol.

But all in all, my life is good. Right now it's at it's up phase, and soon I'm sure it'll get down again, but that's what life is about.

Learned some life lessons, and I still miss my mom. And part of me hates the fact I grew up so soon, but I think I needed it.

Still single, but thats ok. No rush, it's nice to be single :)


I want to stop loving you.

I hate seeing you in my dreams dammit >.

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