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Wow dumbass

Yep, that's me, haha. Thankfully since the last blog talked to Adam, got the truth. Nothing to worry about. In all my shitty relationships, each one provided me experiences to grow. One thing I've learned, NEVER jump to conclusions and be a bitch, but just calmly approach a situation. Or maybe it's from growing up, hell I don't know :P

Still loving the fact that I don't work retail anymore. No more working holidays, get to work no later then 4:30 Monday thru Thursday, 5:30 on Fridays. Hardly have to work weekends, it's nice.

Ian, hell I am sooo proud of him. He really has come such a long way since we moved. Hard to believe he's starting kindergarten next year! Oh and he's pretty much potty trained :) Pretty soon no more training pants at nite! YAAAAAAAYYYY!

Hopefully next year we'll get a house. 3 bedroom, 2 bath. I find myself wanting another baby, but I can definitely wait...lol. I'd like Ian to be a little bit older, he still needs some help with things which is ok. And obviously out of this apartment. Don't get me wrong, it's pretty big and super nice but I'm ready to be a home-owner....and a blushing bride :) hehe.

Alas, time for homework. Nothing like math, on the upside once this class is done just have 3 more classes then onto my bachelors!

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